Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Legal Rebels?

The ABA Journal's newly launched Legal Rebels project promises to profile 50 of the profession's leading innovators over the next three months. The first seven profiles are now online, and at least three new profiles will be added to the site every week until Thanksgiving.

What's that you say, you are a rebel and want to know how can you participate? Oh there are lots of opportunities. Since it is nomination season, of course you want to know if you can nominate a legal rebel. Yes, you can.

You can also:

Sign the Rebels Manifesto

Ride shotgun on the two-week Rebels Tour, kicking off Sept. 14.

Stay connected to the project on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Follow the buzz--what lawyers are saying about the Rebels.

Shop for the Rebels T-shirt, a mouse pad, or even a Rebels skateboard.

Okay, I'm really not sure how this whole idea will pan out, but let's follow it and put it on the calendar to revisit in 2010, to see if it's still alive.


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