Friday, April 15, 2011

Meanwhile, Across the Pond, What should Women Lawyers Wear?

I don't usually like to encourage people to read the ABA's weekly attempt to foment insurrection, but this week's summary of the dust up from an Allen & Overy email on appropriate professional attire is just too good to pass up.  Although as a management matter much could be said about Allen & Overy's decision to convey the message as they did, what I find most interesting, and I think will be most helpful to readers, is the lengthy chain of comments from brilliant and thoughtful women and men, as well as comments apparently written by a few neanderthal men who have managed to remain in the population.  I hope you enjoy the comments as much as I did.

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  1. A future lawyer, with potential.June 12, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    I am disgusted with the fact that people think woman lawyers should dress in cloaks. Honestly, I have been to numerous websites that say, "don't wear heels, don't wear to tight of skirts or anything for fitting, don't wear a lot of makeup, etc." I feel that woman attorneys have the rite to dress in what they feel is appropriate. I don't mean wearing skirt's that make your rear end look massive, or shirts that show excessive clevage, or anything that labels you as "trashy." I feel that a pencil skirt (at an appropriate length) and a white collard shirt, or even a shirt hat has a bit of a ruffle is appropriate. Of course you don't want to flaunt that you may have money, but you need to invest in your appearence because it is the way the world views you. You represent a law firm, or even your own and you have every rite to own nice clothing that accentuates your figure appropriatley. Not only do other's think we female lawyers need to dress in baggy things, but we aren't allowed to make ourselves look nice, or professional? I believe this is the 21st century, and woman that take time in their wardrobe and look ready and determined to win cases in courts SHOULD be able to dress in clothing that they feel is attractive. Wether it be in the color pink or shows your arms. Owning a handbag from designer lables shouldn't mean anything to anyone, if your going to trash a lawyer because she has a louis vutton, or a coach bag is immature, and frankly, rude. Woman deserve their rites to cloting in court rooms as long as it is appropriate and not trashy, if court rooms are becoming insecure about the styles of woman, they should have full faith that their lawyers will walk in with as much class as they buy their clothing. If it is a problem, then the judicial system should make it a point to not allow lawyers to enter a court room is he/she is dressed inappropriate.