Thursday, August 4, 2011

Freaky Friday

So my daughter and I are watching Freaky Friday from 2003, for the umpteenth time, and I am once again thinking it would be very cool to be Jamie Lee Curtis, no matter what age.  Fortunately my daughter is wise enough not to want to be Lindsay Lohan.  

The plot, as you know, explores the amusing consequences when a mom and teenage daughter switch bodies.  You can see the trailer here in case you've forgotten the story.  I hated my high school, but I do think my daughter's school seems awesome and great fun.  Except for the culinary class (my family keeps me away from all combinations of heat sources and food), drama (I can't act to save my life), and math (thank god for calculators and spreadsheets, since math is not something I can even begin to do anymore except for calculating tips, of course I can do that.  Not so sure about calculus anymore....)  And god forbid I'd have to go to PE and run a mile once a week.

Which puts me in mind of an interesting way to think about associate reviews.  Wouldn't it be interesting for a senior partner to have to spend the day in an associate's role, and vice versa?  Let's try that tomorrow:  all partners switch tasks with their associates, and let's see who cries uncle first!

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