Monday, September 12, 2011

Trends in Swim Attire for Professional Women

So last weekend I was sitting with a number of my women partners chatting about what women wear--to firm swim parties.  It's no longer a real problem for me, my kids are old enough that they are more likely to rescue me from a water feature than the other way around.  But I do sympathize with my colleagues who have young kids that actually want to get in the water at a firm social function that revolves around a pool, lake or ocean.  So what to do?  The options seem to be (1) wear a swim suit, (2) bribe your partner into taking the water related responsibilities, thereby relieving you of any need to wear a swimsuit, (3) attend the function fully clothed, let the kids play in the water all they want with the expectation that you may have to jump in fully clothed at any moment, or (4) wear a swim burka .  Option 1 works only if you are Reese Witherspoon; Option 2 might work, but beware the cost.  Option 3 seems the best bet, you might end up looking a bit foolish   when you jump in, but  depending on the age of your kids, you could look like a selfless hero.  Unless your kids are under 12 months old, in which case the hero approach probably won't work.  So that leaves the "full cover swimwear" option.  They look pretty stylish, I wonder if they have petite sizes.

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