Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Faithful readers, I am about to leave for a long vacation, I'll be away from my desk until January 3.  I suspect I'll not be blogging once I disconnect from the legal profession later today.  I plan to spend a good portion of that time at parties and holiday events, which reminded me that December is usually a good time to be comment on the hazards of drinking and lawyering.  A recent post at Above The Law  described an innovative on-line support for lawyers with substance abuse problems, and noted that 

Actually, attorneys overindulge a lot. A Guardian story from Saturday said, “Research suggests 15-24% of lawyers will suffer from alcoholism during their careers.” That’s almost a quarter of the profession, and a lot higher than the general population.
Why are lawyers so hammered all the time? Our own Elie Mystal has one theory: “If doctors or pilots drink, they kill people. If CEOs or accountants drink, they lose tons of money. If lawyers drink, they… have to proofread their work in the morning? Lawyers drink because they can, if you could drink more, you probably would.” Roger Sterling from Mad Men would most certainly agree.  
I think that's a little flippant.  Addicted lawyers have an awful lot to lose and can hurt a lot of people.  For more thoughts and some resources in the various states, there are some resources here.  
I wish you all a healthy, joyful holiday season.  Enjoy the parties, network your little hearts out, and I'll see you in January.  

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