Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun Sites

I am not really a techie lawyer, but I do think it is interesting to learn about new tools and useful websites.  So I perused the sixty "must-see" websites for lawyers from this year’s ABA TECHSHOW .  In the popular "60 Sites in 60 Minutes,” session legal technologists Reid Trautz, Natalie Kelly, Dan Pinnington and Catherine Sanders Reach shared a variety of must-see websites for lawyers.  I particularly liked The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group.  I also had fun with WhoIsTheMostFamous (guess the most famous surname, using just a first name), until I realized that apparently there aren't many famous women.  Perhaps I just didn't play long enough. 

Okay, so the aforementioned sites don't really help in the practice of law.  But there are a lot of sites that do.  Take this as a reminder to do at least one techie thing today--beef up your Linked In profile and add some connections, find a new resource to help your practice, start a blog, post to your dormant blog, upload a new photo showing your true age (or devolve yourself, instead), finally get started with Twitter (you are missing out and might as well live under a rock if you don't at least follow your clients, let alone the news media, your colleagues or your local politicians).  

Then get back to work, time's a wastin.'

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