Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Kittens and the Perception of the Value of Legal Services

I think it's remarkable how every so often there is a synchronicity in my work.  This past month I've had some good work for an animal defense group, a no kill animal shelter, and a dog rescue organization.  Each brought some unique questions to me and they are a lot of fun.  The toughest one though is the no kill shelter, because someone cleverly placed a floor to ceiling window between the meeting room and a room full of 10 week old kittens.  As the little darlings play they bounce against the window and distract the speaker from her detailed discussion of technical tax rules.  Very difficult.  An interesting thing that I learned is that it is very hard to find homes for all the black kittens, so there is no adoption fee for them.

Shortly after my visit to that client I came across an insightful article in Law Practice Magazine about Managing the Perception of Value of legal services.  Ann Gunn also appears to have a soft spot for kittens, noting that free kittens are hard to find homes for, but when they are $5 apiece the prospective buyers evaluate the kitten against price, and more readily opt for purring than an extra $5 bill in the wallet.  I like her ideas about explaining to clients the value of one's legal services.  She writes:

For the most part, your clients aren’t able to judge the quality of a brief, the brilliance of a closing argument or the skill required to negotiate a favorable outcome. They must look for something they can measure, so they look for value in other areas. To help them develop a perception of value around your services, you must deliver value in a way they understand.               

Her article gives some great advice on that front.  And next time I visit with my shelter buddies, I'm going to suggest that they put a higher price on the black kittens, just to test the theory.  I hope it works.  In the meantime, if any of you are looking for a new feline companion, give me a shout.  I can get you a good deal.

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