Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't be Shy

Just a quick comment today on the importance of leveraging business development work.  As we head into the final stretch of 2012, I see a lot of my colleagues diligently working on that article they meant to write all year, the seminars they planned are now on the calendar, and client alerts and newsletters are being rushed out the door.

Don't forget to use every possible means to get the word out:  post your seminars to Linked In; tell your Twitter followers about your article; re-publish client alerts with every possible mechanism.  If the article/newsletter/seminar/alert is worth doing, and it is done well, don't you want everyone in your network to know about it?  And don't you want to give them an easy path to republishing it to their networks?  Of course you do.  Don't be shy.

Yes, at first it feels like shameless self-promotion and excessive advertising.  But the first time you hear from a surprising direction that someone was really glad to get the information, you'll realize that getting the message out is a good thing--you are getting useful information to people who want it.  And that's the goal of marketing, isn't it?

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